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Get the Emergency               Kit for ONLY CHF48


Get Off the Emotional Rollercoaster and Stop the Pain of Sadness, Grief, and Anger in 7 Days Using the Emotional Freedom Formula

And Regain Confidence, Find Peace, and Trust Yourself Again Without Stalking Your Ex on Instagram or Simulating Fake Conversations in your Head

The Real Reason You are Stuck In The Pain
Of Your Breakup

After spending years as a breakup recovery & transformational coach, what I quickly learned was that most people are trying to fix the wrong problems to heal and move on after going through a breakup.

Pay attention because this is one of the most important and foundational things you’ll ever learn in your journey through life. If you don’t shift your perspective this time, it could cost you more wasted time and heartbreak, attracting the same partners and relationships over and over again.

You've been telling yourself that the deep pain you feel post-breakup is entirely because you've lost your partner. Every decision now feels heavier, and there's a void where their presence used to be.

The Truth is…

The pain you're experiencing isn't just about the absence of your partner; it's about a disconnect from your own identity.


This breakup has brought to light how much of your self-worth and happiness was tied to being inside this relationship.

Now that it’s gone, you are feeling lost and incomplete on your own.

Without working on the Relationship you have with yourself first, and learning how to regulate your nervous system you will keep repeating the same painful patterns in your life and end up with another bleeding heart. Let alone the crushing anxiety, overwhelm and worry of ever finding the love you truly desire…

To Fully Heal From Your Breakup You have To Change The Relationship With Yourself And Learn How To Regulate Your Emotions.

Sound Familiar?

Each social media scroll, every silent notification, intensifies your feeling of rejection.

You're caught in a cycle of 'what ifs,' where fears about your future overshadow your present.


Your mind races with thoughts of forever being alone, and this constant worry about what’s going to happen.

You find yourself unable to let go of the past, holding onto resentment and hurt from your previous relationship.

Your inner critic has taken over, constantly undermining your decisions and magnifying your flaws. 

Your feelings swing wildly from anger to sorrow, hope to despair, often leaving you exhausted and confused.

The memories, the moments, and even the arguments keep you hooked, pulling you back, making it incredibly difficult to break free and move on.

It feels like you are going crazy at times.

What’s Going To Happen To Your Life And Relationships If You DON’T Learn How To Regulate Your Emotions And Reclaim Your Power?

Riding the Emotional Rollercoaster creates feelings of overwhelm and confusion, leading to a life filled with anxiety and an inability to move forward... An emotionally regulated life creates a sense of calm, empowerment and resilience.

Losing your sense of self in the shadow of a relationship leaves you feeling incomplete and dependent... Rediscovering and embracing your unique identity fills you with self-worth and a newfound sense of trust.

Listening to the relentless voice of your inner critic crushes your confidence and leaves you doubting your worth… Building a relationship with yourself, rooted in self-love and acceptance empowers you to reframe those thoughts and trust in your capabilities.


Emotional Mastery Creates a Life of Empowerment and Authentic Happiness

As painful as a breakup can be, it will gift you with one of your biggest transformations in life. If you allow for it.

I’ve seen it time and time again with my clients that, once they learn how to regulate their emotions and build up their self-love and self-worth muscles, the transformation is imminent.

The truth is, you deserve to be happy and to experience relationships full of love, respect and trust.

I’ve made healing hearts my mission and I’m here to help you make that happen.

Consider me your wise wizard on your hero’s journey, guiding you every step of the way.

So, that you can finally feel a sense of control again, rebuild the relationship with yourself and be unapologetically yourself with confidence in relationships moving forward.

Now is your time to Take the first step towards your new life - You deserve it!

Introducing THE...

Mockup Course.png

A Self Study Course designed to help you Navigate the Emotional Rollercoaster, "Detox" from your Ex and Heal from a Breakup.

01. Feel

Understand your Emotions and learn how to regulate them with practical tools and real-life use.

02. Detox

Learn about the concept of "detoxing" your ex and how to stop obsessing and manage the Withdrawal Symptoms.

03. Heal

Heal from your breakup by redefining the relationship with yourself and how you see yourself in relationships.


Module 1

Embracing the Journey

  • Understanding the Importance of Grieving: Acknowledging the pain and respecting the process.

  • Exploring the Stages of Breakup Recovery: Navigating through denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.

  • Making a Choice: Deciding to embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing.

6 Individual Lessons


Module 2

You Are Not Crazy! You Are In Withdrawal

  • The Nature of Withdrawal: Recognizing the emotional and psychological effects post-breakup.

  • Exploring the Possibility of Friendship Post-Breakup: Understanding the complexities and setting healthy boundaries.

3 Individual Lessons


Module 3

Navigating the Emotional Rollercoaster

  • Embracing Your Emotions: Techniques to allow and acknowledge your feelings.

  • Breaking the Negative Spiral: Strategies to stop destructive thoughts and behaviors.

  • Dealing with Urges and Relapses: Understanding and managing the urge to reconnect with an ex.

  • Emotional Regulation Techniques: Incorporating movement, breathwork, writing, and meditation for emotional balance.

17 Individual Lessons

Emotions Mockup.png

Module 4

"Detoxing" Your Ex

  • The No-Contact Rule: Understanding its importance and implementation.

  • Eliminating Triggers: Strategies for removing reminders and establishing a support network.

  • Asserting Boundaries: Learning to maintain your power and energy.

10 Individual Lessons


Module 5

Self Care & Healing

  • Holistic Approach to Healing: Addressing mind, body, and soul.

  • The Power of Routine: Establishing healthy habits for recovery.

  • Cultivating Self-Love and Self-Worth: Building a strong sense of self in the aftermath of a breakup.

5 Individual Lessons

Moving Forward_Mockup.png

Module 6

Rebuilding and Moving Forward

  • Lessons in Self-Discovery: Embracing the three pillars of inner work.

  • Celebrating Your Journey: Recognizing your growth and resilience.

  • Final Words and moving forward

2 Individual Lessons

That's a total of over 40 perspective-shifting lessons & exercises!


You Get All This Inside of

THE                EMERGENCY KIT


  • Lifetime Access To The Course (Value: CHF 498)

  • Bonus #1: Alignment Assessment (Value: CHF 98)

  • Bonus #2: Anxiety Journal (Value: CHF 48)

  • Bonus #3: Evolve Or Repeat Journal (Value: CHF 88)

  • Bonus #4: Meditation Audios (Value: CHF 48)

That's a total value of: CHF 780


Mockup Course.png

YES! I want to join The Breakup Emergency Kit Course, so I can learn how to Navigate the Emotional Rollercoaster, "Detox" from my Ex and Heal from my Breakup.

I understand that this is a Self-Study course and that it's my responsibility to follow through with executing the lessons provided.


    • 40 Perspective-Shifting Lessons & Exercises
    • Bonus #1: Life Time Alignment Assessment [Value: CHF 98]
    • Bonus #2: Anxiety Journal [Value: CHF 48]
    • Bonus #3: Meditation Audios [Value: CHF 48]
    • Extra Bonus: Evolve or Repeat Journal [Value: CHF 88]
    • Backed By Science & Practical Use
    • Lifetime Access
    • 100% Risk Free

100% Money Back Guarantee (within 5 days)
You didn't get value out of the program EVEN THOUGH you applied all the teachings, showed up and gave your best? Reach out to us and we refund 100%.


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