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5 Psychologist-Backed Ways To Move On After a Breakup

The end of a relationship can feel like a storm tearing through your life, leaving you feeling scattered and broken. While your loved ones may offer their pearls of wisdom like "Time heals all" or "You can do better," it's crucial to equip yourself with a science-backed arsenal of strategies for genuine healing.

Ladies, as someone who’s passionately committed to helping you bounce back from breakups and rebuild your life, here are five psychologist-backed strategies that will not only help you heal but also renew your relationship with yourself.

1. Embrace Your Emotions: A Stepping Stone to Healing

While it's tempting to put on a brave face and sweep your feelings under the rug, clinical psychologist Dr. Antonio Pascual-Leone suggests that true healing begins by diving deep into your emotions.

Be it sadness, emptiness, or a pang of loneliness, confront these feelings head-on. This step helps you pass through the eye of the emotional storm, giving you crucial insights into why you feel the way you do.

In addition, it helps you avoid long-term emotional baggage, as you are not suppressing your emotions but are, instead, giving yourself the freedom to feel, heal, and eventually move on.

2. Recognize Your Unmet Needs: Your Gateway to Self-Love

It's common to feel a whirlpool of emotions such as pain, hurt, and loneliness when a relationship ends. However, this is also an invaluable opportunity to evaluate what you truly needed from that relationship. Was it emotional support, unconditional love, or just a sense of belonging?

Dr. Pascual-Leone posits that acknowledging these unmet needs is the first step toward creating self-love and a fulfilling relationship in the future—not just with someone else but more importantly, with yourself.

3. Rediscover Your Authentic Self: The Silver Lining in Breakups

Oftentimes, the reason breakups are painful isn’t just about missing the person, but it’s also about missing the person we were or could have been in that relationship.

Dr. Gary Lewandowski Jr. points out that breakups often lead to a loss of self. Counter this by rekindling forgotten hobbies, reigniting lapsed friendships, or rediscovering what makes you, YOU.

This not only speeds up the coping process but also re-establishes your identity, making you whole again.

4. Let Go of the 'Whys': Acceptance Over Analysis

Many of us are guilty of playing detective post-breakup, tirelessly dissecting memories to pinpoint where things went wrong. According to psychologist Guy Winch, this is a futile endeavor driven more by emotional addiction than a need for closure.

Accept that not every question will have an answer and give yourself permission to close that chapter. By doing so, you free up emotional space to welcome new opportunities and experiences.

5. Shed Your Rose-Colored Glasses: Realism Over Idealism

Romanticizing the past is a common pitfall that can slow down your healing process. Guy Winch advises making a comprehensive list of your ex’s shortcomings and your own incompatibilities.

Whenever you find yourself drifting into nostalgia, this list serves as a reality check, reminding you why the relationship ended in the first place.

In Conclusion - Moving On after a breakup

Breakups, while painful, also offer a unique opportunity to reconnect with yourself, redefine your needs, and rebuild your life from a place of strength and self-love.

By implementing these psychologist-backed strategies, you can navigate the tumultuous waters of a breakup and emerge stronger, wiser, and more in love with yourself than ever before. Consider this not just as an ending, but a brand-new beginning for a more fulfilling and loving relationship with yourself.

How you can find more help

If you are committed to moving on after a breakup and turning this heartbreaking chapter into a launching pad for a loving, fulfilling relationship—starting with yourself, then I invite you to book a free connection call with me.

Not ready for a call yet? No worries. Download my Breakup Recovery Guide to start your journey towards healing and self-discovery. Trust me, you're not alone, and your new chapter is just one decision away.


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